Voltaire was born on November 1694 21st in Paris, and he died there on May the 30th 1778. He was a writer, a philosopher and he left his mark on the 18th French century, which, as we all know occupies a very special place in the collective memory, both French and International. This period was referred to as the Age of Enlightenment.

He was a fervent defender of intellectual freedom.

His most famous works are a cluster of the best traits of the writer: imagination, shrewd speech, happiness of writing, together with a fascinating philosophic mind. And so, apart from the tales, and the novels the work of Voltaire is full of poetry, historical works or plays and thousands of pages of correspondence with the European elite of the 18th century. Voltaire mixed, all along his life, with what the world had of important people in these days, Kings, Queens, scholars and artists.

He has always been captivated by what was beautiful. And in fact all his life he had been surrounded by beauty at its best.

He was initiated at the end of his life, in fact a little less than 2 months before he died. But he definitely played his part in the construction of Free Masonry in the World.

So we decided to pay a tribute to this man of many qualities, ardent defender of Liberty when we named our company after him.


The brand

We will tell you now the story of the brand. Two French Free Mason, one; artistic director in advertising for more than 10 years, the other; creator more than 30 years ago and now CEO of a high end jewelry company, met and talked about symbols and jewelry.

Today they are proud to introduce their first collection to you, totally original, complying with the values of expectation, and the respect of modernity that they have set.

The spirit of Voltaire is now reborn.


The philosophy

What are the most important things for Free Masons: Fraternity, Charity and Symbols?

The two brothers who created the collection show Fraternity.

As for Charity: 10% of the benefits will be given to Masonic Charities.

And finally Symbols: all the items in the collection are loaded with Masonic symbols.

The products were created with Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, always keeping in mind the respect of the Symbols given.

And so, today this first collection is totally original, bearing the values of demand, respect and modernity, which they can offer because of their experience.

Voltaire demonstrates the values of excellence, respect and modernity.


Voltaire collection teaser